Storage news ticker – April 19

Kioxia Fab7

AWS DataSync now supports transferring files to and from Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, a fully managed service built on the open-source OpenZFS file system. Using DataSync, you can migrate your on-premises file or object storage to FSx for OpenZFS or perform ongoing transfers of your data between FSx and OpenZFS and your on-premises storage or AWS Storage services. You can also use DataSync to move data between FSx and OpenZFS file systems.

AWS says you can automatically attach your FSx for ONTAP and FSx for OpenZFS file systems on newly created EC2 instances using the new launch experience on the EC2 Console. The Amazon FSx family of services enables you to launch, run, and scale shared storage powered by commercial and open-source file systems. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides fully managed shared storage in the AWS cloud with the data access and management capabilities of ONTAP. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides fully managed cost-effective shared storage powered by the OpenZFS file system.

ChaosSearch will showcase its operational analytics capabilities at AWS Summit San Francisco, taking place April 20-21. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform empowers organizations to activate their data lakes built on Amazon S3 for analytics at scale. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform is the only solution that indexes data and renders it immediately available for search and analytics via Elasticsearch, Kibana, and SQL. Users can perform both log analytics and SQL queries concurrently and in-situ from their cloud object storage, without data pipelining, transformation, or movement.

Analyst house DCIG has announced the immediate availability of the 2022-23 DCIG TOP 5 Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solutions report. It evaluated 12 suppliers’ products, looking at backup administration, capabilities, configuration, licensing, and pricing, recovery and restore, service and support. The Top 5 in alphabetical order are Arcserve, Atempo, Commvault, Unitrends, and Veritas.

IBM has announced Spectrum Scale Container Native v5.1.3.0 with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It supports Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform v4.10, integrated CSI driver for application persistent storage with automated deployment, and an automated IBM Spectrum Scale performance monitoring bridge for Grafana. There is compression and quotas, ACLs, ILM support, file clones and snapshots on the storage cluster, and much more. See here for more information.

Kioxia and WD's Fab7 at Yokkaichi
Kioxia and WD’s Fab7 at Yokkaichi

Kioxia and Western Digital have finalized a formal agreement to jointly invest in the first phase of the Fab7 (Y7) manufacturing facility at Kioxia’s Yokkaichi Plant in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. With construction of the first phase of Y7 completed, the joint investment will enable initial production output beginning in the fall of this year. This joint-venture investment adds a sixth flash memory manufacturing facility to the Yokkaichi Plant, enhancing its position as the world’s largest flash memory manufacturing site. The first phase of the Y7 facility will produce 3D flash memory including 112 and 162-layer and future nodes.

Datacenter composability supplier Liqid has reached an agreement with PIER Group to sell Liqid’s line of composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) solutions and services to research and education (R&E) customers. Liqid says its software maximizes datacenter utilization and CPU/GPU performance. The addition of the Liqid Matrix CDI platform to PIER Group’s portfolio is intened to provide customers a cost-effective way to disaggregate and pool datacenter resources such as GPUs, FPGAs, NVME SSDs, persistent memory, and other accelerators via software, allowing the resources to be dynamically configured as bare-metal servers.

Pure Storage has said that more than 10 of the leading autonomous vehicle software development companies are using its FlashBlade all-flash, unified file and object product. This includes a major ride-share company that is using FlashBlade to take a new approach to training its automated vehicle systems, a robotics company that develops autonomous driverless delivery vehicles, and a electric vehicle company with demanding workflows from an engineering perspective that is housing engineering data on FlashBlade. 

Deleted Facebook/Instagram Samsung #RuggedDurability image

Samsung is reportedly lining up a rugged external SSD product, according to SamMobile. It appears like a rugged model of the T7 SSD, with a USB Type-C port and a status LED.

Keysight Technologies, which delivers design and validation systems, was chosen by SK hynix to provide integrated peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) 5.0 test platforms to speed the development of memory semiconductors used to design advanced products capable of supporting high data speeds and managing massive amounts of data. Keysight’s integrated solutions for physical layer simulation, characterization, and validation of PCIe 5.0 devices enables SK hynix to speed up test and development of next-generation dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and PCIe devices with CXL high-speed memory interconnect technology.

Ocient has come out of stealth and launched Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse (OHDW). This enables organizations to execute previously infeasible workloads in interactive time, the firm claimed. They can scale to analyze trillions of data points 10 to 50 times faster than existing offerings, returning results in seconds or minutes versus hours or days, it further claimed. Customers can also tackle CPU-intensive workloads with ease, including large-scale joins and full-table scans with extreme I/O performance. For example: “Because Ocient runs a massively parallel set of nodes with many NVMe drives in each node, the total random read throughput is 12 million 4KB random read IOPS per node,” the company said.