Learn how to thrive with modern file storage — check out Nasuni CloudBound21

PROMO 2020 was an impactful year for file storage. Almost overnight, companies were forced to rethink how they manage, access and derive value from data, casting a bright light on the advantages of cloud-based technologies. After navigating unforeseen business challenges, including ransomware attacks, remote work environments, and more, it is time to discover how to apply those lessons learned.

A broader shift to the cloud coupled with an explosion of unstructured data is driving an increasing realisation that managing and extracting value from your data is critical to digital transformation. There’s also the fear that disruption and downtime can seriously imperil your company’s future, whether that’s due to creaking traditional file infrastructures or ever more aggressive attacks from ransomware extortionists and other criminals.

Which is why you should register – for free – for Nasuni CloudBound21, a global online event being hosted by Nasuni, a leading provider of cloud file storage. Nasuni CloudBound21 is dedicated to providing IT leaders with the resources and practical skills required for their organization to thrive in today’s world of modern file storage.

Nasuni CloudBound21 runs September 28th-30th with a jam-packed agenda including powerful keynote speakers, innovative sessions, and networking opportunities designed to equip attendees with tangible takeaways during a time zone that best matches your availability.

Learn from peers, industry experts, and Nasuni customers alike as they share practical insights, real-world case studies, and best practices. 

Naturally, you’ll get up to speed on the latest technology and thinking in data protection, file backup, ransomware, and cloud-based solutions, courtesy of Nasuni who services companies such as Pernod Ricard, SDL and Vossing. You’ll also hear how your file storage strategy underpins and interacts with other key issues, such as digital transformation, cloud migration, and the cloud ecosystem. Each day features four hours of content, meaning you can benefit from all this knowledge, and still get on with your day job.

You’ll learn how you can potentially realise massive cost savings on your file management and storage. And you’ll hear from real world companies who have done just that. Plus, you’ll get exclusive updates on upcoming Nasuni features.

The challenges of managing your corporate data are not going to go away. But by heading here and registering for Nasuni CloudBound21 you’ll be better equipped to tackle them head on.

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