Nasuni attacks on-premises Windows file servers with Google Cloud edge caching

Cloud file services company Nasuni has announced Nasuni Files for Google Cloud, a product and migration service for Google Cloud available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.  

Nasuni’s object-based Cloud File Services  file system has been available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for some time. Now Nasuni has integrated Google Cloud object storage with its own cloud-native global file system. It claims Nasuni Files for Google Cloud offers a Windows File Server alternative for department, group, and project file shares and home directories.  

Andres Rodriguez, CTO of Nasuni, played the Windows on-premises file server attack card, saying: “The business continuity risks and costs associated with operating and maintaining Windows File Servers have caused enterprises to seek low-impact approaches to cloud migration. 

“With migration included in the Nasuni Files for Google Cloud monthly subscription price, we’re making it as painless and risk-free as we can to move files to the Google Cloud platform and leave expensive, cumbersome on-premises file servers behind.”

He went on to claim that Nasuni customers “can drive savings of up to 70 per cent” – but didn’t specify further. 

Nasuni Files for Google Cloud graphic

Nasuni integrated its object-based file system with the Google Cloud Platform in February to provide more direct access, and Google agreed to co-sell Nasuni’s file system. Nasuni has existing co-sell agreements with AWS and Azure. Now Nasuni has built on that with the Nasuni Files for Google Cloud product.

Windows File Servers

Nasuni cited recent data collected by Rapid7 in September 2020, stating 59 per cent of all unique Windows Server instances running are unsupported (Ver. 2008 R2 or earlier). Another 40 per cent are apparently running version 2012 or 2012 R2.1. Microsoft has ended support for 2003/R2 and offers extended support for 2008/R2 at 75 per cent per year of the license fees for the latest Windows Server.

The new service enables customers to move their Windows file servers to Google Cloud and pay on a monthly basis. GCP customers can also apply this new system to their Google Cloud commitment.

Specific features

  • NFGC uses the Google Cloud Archive Storage class to store file data while still providing high-performance file sharing.
  • Built-in migration – NFGC includes onboarding and support for migrating customers’ first 20TB to Google Cloud plus a dedicated cloud migration specialist and no disruption to operations.  
  • Fast access – the system can be deployed in a hybrid cloud configuration with edge caching VMs located on-premises or entirely in Google Cloud using Google Cloud caching VMs.  
  • One management console – Nasuni Files for Google Cloud consolidates administration of multiple Windows File Server sites into one management console.   
  • Built-in backup & disaster recovery – Nasuni Continuous File Versioning technology protects all data as it’s being written by storing all file changes as unlimited, immutable versions in Google Cloud.  
  • Multi-location file sharing – Files can be shared across on-premises locations or Google Cloud regions with Nasuni’s file synchronisation features and no limits on connections.

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