Qumulo bundles up with AWS and Teradici to lure Adobe video editors to Amazon’s cloud

Scale-out file system supplier Qumulo is helping Adobe Premiere Pro users migrate to the AWS cloud with its Studio Q Quick Start.

This has been revealed on Qumulo’s website. It demonstrates a file storage supplier integrating their product with customers video-editing workflows. In this respect Qumulo is following the example of Quantum with its StorNext product suite, similarly embedded in media and entertainment workflows.

Qumulo Studio Q diagram

Qumulo says Adobe Premiere Pro users can collaborate on video projects by accessing their content in AWS using Qumulo’s Studio Q facility. It’s accessible on the AWS Quick Start landing page and offers:

  • AWS workstations with nVidia GPUs
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Qumulo cloud-based data services
  • Teradici PCoIP low latency virtual workstation technology 

The Studio Q bundled AWS, Qumulo and Teradici offering is claimed to enable the movement of terabytes and petabytes of video to the cloud. It allows video editing to be performed there via Adobe tools, connection of users’ files to AWS cloud services, and the management and security of these files. Qumulo says it’s robust enough for M&E companies and simple enough for corporate video editing departments.

Qumulo Studio Q video.

Studio Q Quick Start is an AWS CloudFormation template (CFT) that spins up Studio Q in less than an hour. Users input their licence credentials and designate various parameters to set this up. The workstation, Adobe bits, Qumulo software in AWS, and Teradici PCoIP work together to provide a single virtual studio.

Teradici’s PCoIP technology sends image information to endpoints in the form of pixels, and supports standard desktops and high frame rate 4K/UHD graphics workloads.

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