Commvault polishes Metallic, dives deeper into SaaS and hybrid cloud with integrated product set

Data protector Commvault has extended its Metallic SaaS backup services, and announced an Intelligent Data Services Platform (ISDP) using all parts of its existing portfolio.

Metallic is a Backup-as-a-service offering  that can protect data in several hybrid data protection schemes such as cloud to cloud, on-premises data to cloud with an on-premises copy for fast restore, and cloud to appliance. The HyperScale X appliance provides scale-out backup and recovery for container, virtual and database workloads. It supports on-premises deployments and multiple public clouds, with data movement between them. HyperScale X can be a backup target for hybrid cloud workloads protected by Metallic.

Commvault’s president and CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani, said in a canned quote: “By seamlessly integrating Commvault HyperScale X and Metallic, we offer customers … the ability to seamlessly extend between on-premises and cloud with a single integrated solution.”

Metallic getting three new services

Commvault said today that Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 would add to existing support for Office 365 and Azure. Commvault’s Dynamics 365 protection is only available through Metallic and covers Dynamics 365 for CRM, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Field Servicer applications.

Support for Azure Active Directory will arrive in Metallic in June. Active directory backup, either on premises or in Azure, is free with the purchase of a Metallic subscription.

Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS) now supports additional storage tiers to improve its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. MCSS is also available for Commvault Complete customers. The Complete offering combines Backup & Recovery and Disaster Recovery.

Commvault cites an IDC finding that the data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) segment is expected to grow at 16.6 per cent CAGR, the fastest growing segment in the data protection market. It says that Metallic is now available in 24 countries and doubled its number of customers every quarter in Commvault’s fiscal 2021, ended March 31.

Intelligent Data Services Platform

Commvault 4-way product set

Up until now. Commvault products were grouped into four groups:

  • Data Protection – Complete Data Protection, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery
  • Data Insights – Activate, File Storage Optimisation, Data Governance, eDiscovery & Compliance
  • Storage – HyperScale X, Distributed Storage, Metallic Cloud Storage
  • Metallic BaaS – O365 Backup, Endpoint Backup, VM & Kubernetes Backup, Database Backup, File & Object Backup, Salesforce Backup 

Now we have a group of five offerings under/inside a single platform, the Intelligent Data Services Platform. It includes five groupings: Data Management & Protection, Data Security, Data Compliance & Governance, Data Transformation, and Data Insights. They are said to provide comprehensive, end-to-end storage and workload support, and are available through software subscription, as an integrated appliance, via a partner-managed arrangement, or as a SaaS offering.