Lenovo fills HCI niches via software hookups

Lenovo  is using software partnerships to sell ThinkAgile hyperconverged hardware systems and ThinkSystem servers into niche markets.

The company already works with with Pivot3 to sell video surveillance hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) systems and today announced arrangements with four more companies.

Lenovo ThinkAgile systems

The new and pre-configured HCI systems and partnerships are:

These partnership build on existing arrangements with the three software suppliers.

There is also a Diamanti SR630 offering – a Lenovo ThinkSystem server with Diamanti Spektra 3.0 software providing cloud-native Kubernetes-based HCI stack. In this case, Lenovo integrates Diamanti software and delivers the system in this quasi OEM deal. 

Diamanti is using its Spektra 3.0 launch to move away from its own HCI hardware, turning instead to commodity X86 servers, supplied by the likes of Dell and Lenovo. Spektra 3.0 is a turnkey hybrid multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes platform, the company says with a fully-integrated management and data plane.  

Dell and its VMware subsidiary and Nutanix dominate HCI sales. Lenovo is not listed in Gartner’s most recent HCI magic quadrant, but it appears in Omdia’s HCI supplier rankings.

ThinkAgile HX is available as an appliance or a certified node in late Novemver. The VX is available later this month. The Diamanti SR630 is available now. Lenovo hasn’t revealed MX availability.