Pay less to leave: LucidLink’s AWS egress cost reduction bundle

Users streaming data from AWS can save egress charges by storing and streaming the data using LucidLink’s Filespaces bundled with AWS S3 storage.

Peter Thompson, LucidLink CEO, has provided an announcement quote: “We … heard a great deal of frustration from our customers around the unpredictable nature of egress fees … we were able to come up with a bundle that will satisfy most customer requirements, assisting in cost predictability. As an added benefit, we eliminate the complexity of setting up a cloud service and pass on the combined buying power we create directly to our customers.”

The deal is that you buy a Filespaces subscription bundled with AWS S3 storage. Filespaces plus 1TB of S3 storage and 1TB of outbound (egress) traffic costs $85 per TB per month. Users are billed at $0.05/GB ($50 per terabyte) for egress costs above 1TB per month.

According to a Microsoft price comparison site, AWS S3 data egress costs $0.09/GB for the first 10TB with an initial 1GB free, and then decreases to $0.05/GB at 150TB or more. That makes the LucidLink 1TB+ egress charge of $0.05/GB look pretty good.

LucidLink claims it is making cloud services more accessible and predictable because users can now more accurately forecast egress fees.

The company is targeted cost-sensitive users who need good performance when processing files on-premises streamed from the cloud. Examples include video editors and others in the media and entertainment industry.