Pivot3 chops video surveillance HCI costs with Lenovo AMD EPYC 7002 server

Pivot3 is lowering cost per TB by running its video surveillance HCI software on a Lenovo gen 2 AMD EPYC server.

Cutting to the chase, the new Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 server can support more video cameras, run more application software to process the images and stream data faster from the camera sites to a data centre than its Intel Xeon predecessor. That will help Pivot3 sell better against Intel-based HCI systems.

Customers also get significantly more bandwidth for video recording and 150 per cent increase in networking speed, with 25GbitE support for faster video transfer from the edge to the core. 

The SR655 is a single socket AMD EPYC 7002, 2U server with up to 64 cores. This is claimed to provide equivalent performance to a dual-socket Intel-based server but costs less. For example, there is an opportunity for 50 per cent cost savings on software that is licensed per socket.

According to Pivot3, the EPYC processor is more powerful than the Intel Xeon used previously – a viewpoint it shares with HPE, which recently announced the SimpliVity VDI system,

The company claims the Pivot3/SR655 server delivers 10 per cent lower cost per terabyte, 14 per cent better capacity density, and supports PCIe 4.0, helping to deliver 100 per cent more bandwidth than similar servers using slower PCIe gen 3. The company is referring obliquely here to Xeon.