Saganworks creates virtual reality rooms for storing files and folders

Saganworks, a US startup, aims to revitalise file:folder user interfaces with virtual reality rooms that create a memory or mindmap of user files.

The thinking is that storing files in a 3D space makes finding them easier than storing them in lists in a 2D space such as on a computer desktop. This is analgous to mind mapping, as Shanley Carlton, Saganworks QA testing and customer support manager, explains.

Users navigate the VR rooms with arrow key functions with file or folder objects stored on make-believe tables, bookshelves or the walls and double click on objects to open them. Files – documents, pictures, spreadsheets, etc. – or folders are dragged into the rooms and dropped where you want them placed.

CEO Donald Hicks issued a canned quote: “We don’t live in a 2D world, yet that’s how we’ve been retaining knowledge and memories from the time of early cave dwellers until now. Human interaction is due for innovation. We can do that by giving people tools to store their memories, work and interests in a 3D space that they can create and relate to.”

Sagan stands for Spatially Accessible Gallery of Archived kNowledge and is a tribute to Carl Sagan, the celebrated American astronomer. User rooms – or ‘Sagans’ – are stored in Azure and delivered as a service. The video below shows the software in action: 

Saganworks video

There are sample free, individual and various advanced pricing plans with a range of features. Individual pricing is $59.99 per year and gives you unlimited rooms, 80GB of storage, sharing, room furniture, and unlimited community access. Family access is coming shortly. Business plans exist but pricing details are not public. Saganworks apps run on IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Saganworks was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Hicks, the co-founder and CEO at LLamasoft, a venture-backed supply chain software startup, which was sold in 2017 to a private equity consortium. LLamasoft had $55m revenue in 2016 and more than 700 customers.