Micron raises its NVMe SSD game with two client gumsticks

Micron has updated its NVMe SSD product range with two 2TB devices – one using TLC flash memory and the other using QLC.

The 2210 uses 96-layer QLC flash and the 2300 has 96-layer TLC NAND. They sit above the 1300 and 2200 client SSDs in Micron’s portfolio and the company is pitching the drives as desktop and notebook disk drive replacements. It claims they are up to 15 times more power efficient than similar capacity disk drives.

Both devices are single-sided M.2 format and have SLC write caches (which Micron brands ‘Dynamic Write Acceleration’). The SLC caching means the random write IOPS performance is better than the read performance.

The 2210 is effectively a QLC makeover for the 2200, which uses 64-layer TLC flash and tops out at 1TB in its single-sided M.2 form factor. 

The 2210 handles up to 265,000/320,000 random read and write IOPS and has up to 2.2 GB/sec sequential read and 1.8 GB/sec write bandwidth.

The 2300 benefits from TLC flash’s faster access speed to deliver up to 430,000/500,000 random read/write IOPS and up to 3.3/2.7 sequential read/write bandwidth in GB/sec terms. TLC flash also has greater endurance – a longer working life – than QLC. At the 2TB capacity level the 2210 has a 720TB-written rating and the 2300 has a written rating of 1,200TB.

Both drives have two million hours MTBF rating and support TCG Opal 2.0 and Pyrite 2.0 for security You can check out a 2210 and a 2300 product brief. Both products are available now but we don’t have pricing information. Micron’s announcement does talk about offering flash capabilities at hard disk drive-like price points.