Cohesity branches out data management software to ROBO and the edge

Cohesity has upgraded its data management software to cover remote office – branch office (ROBO) and edge IT sites, in a single environment along with central data centres.

Cohesity’s hyperconverged secondary storage platform offers backup, golden master file copies for test and dev, compliance and other data users, archiving, tiering to the cloud and general file and object storage.

Its market sweet spot to date has been hybrid, covering business data centres and the public cloud. Now it is extending from the data centre base to branch offices and data-generating IoT edge locations. The software runs as a virtual appliance or on certified HPE and Cisco servers.

Vineet Abraham, Cohesity SVP for engineering and product management, said in a statement: “By offering the enterprise-class features of Cohesity software in a cost-effective, plug-and-play solution, we are empowering organisations to bring their data centre, cloud, and edge together on a single platform.”

Backup to the Edge

Cohesity ROBO and edge users get instant mass restores to recover an entire branch when needed. Cohesity’s dedupe and compression reduces bandwidth utilisation when sending/receiving data to/from central or cloud sites. Cohesity also suggests its file and object services can replace local Windows file servers.

For Cohesity the edge includes branches of national banks, retailers, chain restaurants, rental car agencies, warehousing and distribution, pharmaceutical, and global IT services. Data from these sites typically need to be managed, protected, and secured locally, without dedicated IT staff to handle on-site administration.

Cohesity cites IDC research that shows more than half of enterprise data will be created and processed outside the data centre or cloud by 2022. According to the company, this underscores the need for a unified approach covering ROBO, the edge, enterprise data centres and public cloud.

Cohesity’s ROBO offering will be generally available to customers from Cisco and HPE by Spring 2020.

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