Hyperconverged stretching lead over converged as VMware extends lead over Nutanix

A wide gap has opened up between hyperconverged system sales and converged infrastructure (CI) in IDC’s latest Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, as VMware stretches out its lead over Nutanix in the HCI market.

In the third quarter of this year the overall converged systems market revenue grew 3.5 per cent year over year to $3.75bn. All this growth as due to the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) segment as Certified Reference Systems and Integrated Infrastructure (CI) and Integrated Platforms, lost ground.

  • Certified Reference Systems and Integrated Infrastructure: $1.26bn, 33.7 per cent revenue market share and and 8.4 per cent decline on the year
  • Integrated Platforms: $475m, 12.6 per cent share, and a decline of 13.9 per cent,
  • Hyperconverged Systems; $2.02bn, 53.7 per cent share, and 18.7 per cent growth 

Citing a challenging datacentre infrastructure environment, Sebastian Lagana, IDC research manager, infrastructure platforms and technologies, said :“Hyperconverged solutions remain in demand as vendors do an excellent job positioning the solutions as an ideal framework for hybrid, multi-cloud environments due to their software-defined nature and ease of integration into premises-agnostic environments.” 

Trends since the second 2017 quarter show how HCI revenues first overtook Integrated Platforms and then, a year later, CI systems. The HCI – CI gap is increasing. 

IDC issues numbers for the top five HCI system supplies for the quarter, based on brand and, separately, the HCI software supplier. Dell Technologies is the branded products leader and Nutanix is second:

The software supplier-focused numbers show VMware, with Nutanix in second place again but on a higher number that reflects sales through other suppliers’ channels.

The chart below of the eight most recent quarters show VMware overtaking Nutanix in Q2 201. It has and has maintained its revenue difference at a fairly constant level.

IDC’s HCI numbers include compute, networking and storage components. Storage revenues are not revealed but are obviously smaller than the overall HCI number.