Pavilion Data speeds NVMe-oF array

Pavilion Data Systems, the NVMe-over-Fabrics array maker, has tweaked its software to pump performance to fresh heights.

Taking an untraditional approach, The RF100 series appliance incorporates a bank of controllers talking PCIe to NVMe SSDs.

Pavilion Data array.

In November 2018, the company recorded RF10 performance at up to 120GB/sec read bandwidth, 60GB/sec write bandwidth and average read latency of 117μs.

V2.2 of Pavilion software improves write performance by 50 per cent to up to 90 GB/second. Other features in the upgrade include:

  • Write latency as low as 40μs
  • RAID-6 protection which allows for two disk failures within a RAID set before any data is lost
  • SWARM recovery for RAID rebuilds which can rebuild a single 2TB SSD drive in under ten minutes, a task that can often take several hours
  • Consistency groups for snapshots

Competition in the NVMe-oF market is sparking continuous product development. Pavilion claims its multi-controller architecture arrays deliver more scale and performance than dual-controller arrays.

It also has a bring-your-own-drive attribute, as customers can populate Pavilion’s array with their existing 25-inch NVME drives or buy from the suppler of their choice. This should help reduce cost/GB compared with competitors who supply bundled and high-priced drives.