VMware accelerates HCI growth, Nutanix stumbles, Cisco declines

Hyperconverged infrastructure supplier revenue tracking by Wells Fargo analyst shows VMware VSAN Ready Nodes pulling away from Nutanix.

Aaron Rakers, a senior analyst at Wells Fargo, has produced this chart of HCI supplier revenues over the past few quarters:

It shows continued and steepening rise in VSAN Ready Node sales and Nutanix falling back in the fourth 2018 quarter. This correlates with Nutanix’s disappointing outlook for the fiscal third 2019 quarter.

The chart shows that total Dell Technologies HCI revenues -the sum of the VMware and EMC curves – dominate the market.

Another noteworthy aspect is the declining performance of Cisco over the last two quarters. HPE with its SimpliVity product is growing well while Cisco is not. NetApp HCI revenues are lower than Cisco’s but its revenues in the sector are at least growing.

Rakers has also charted the total HCI revenues and chart shows an acceleration of growth.

A seasonal pattern is emerging, with a Q4 to Q1 fall in revenues in 2016 and 2017. We might expect the same this year.