HiveIO co-founder Kevin McNamara takes a hike

Hyperconverged fabric supplier HiveIO has lost its co-founder and CTO Kevin McNamara.

HiveIO bought some technology assets of failed Atlantis Computing in July 2017 and used the acquisition to pivot into a hyperconverged fabric technology supplier.

Kevin McNamara, now ex-CTO and co-founder at HiveIO.

McNamara, was rumoured to have left in February 2019, along with the VP for sales. Six days and many emails after Blocks & Files asked the company if they had left we received a reply on Feb 14: “HiveIO is not commenting on this.”

Fast forward to March 19 and George Nealon has joined HiveIO as VP for Global Sales and Chief Revenue Officer. Nealon is a 20-year sales vet with time at IBM and Apigee in his resume.

A check on HiveIO’s leadership web page now shows no mention of Kevin McNamara as CTO and co-founder, and he is not listed as a board director either. So long, Kevin.

HiveIO said it grew its business in 2018 with a 35 per cent increase in use of its Hive Fabric by customers, an 18 per cent increase in new channel partners, and a 30 per cent increase in overall staff with a 60 per cent increase in sales staff. Note that no actual figures were used in the making of these unverifiable claims.