HPE’s Neri hails storage market share gains

After growing faster than the storage market in its latest quarter, HPE expects to keep on doing that in 2019, buoyed by its InfoSight management tool and new products.  

To give you a flavour of HPE’s view of its storage performance, here is an extract of CEO Antonio Neri’s comments from last weeks earnings call.

“We grew 13 per cent for the full year, which is faster than the market, so we expect to gain share in external storage and that’s driven by a cohesive strategy with both Nimble and 3PAR enabled by a phenomenal platform called HPE InfoSight which provides predictive analytics for storing and managing that data and last week I announced that we’re extending that platform now to the rest of the on-premises infrastructure including both compute and networking.

“The customer sees the value of predictive analytics; fix the problems before they happen, and obviously now we keep adding features to both the InfoSight and the two platforms; both Nimble and 3PAR with the availability of new flash storage and so forth. 

“If you [put] the hyperconverged part of that on top of storage, well, actually we’ll be growing almost 20 per cent, 19 per cent and so the combination of different infrastructure for different use cases plus our intellectual property is paying off and again. 

We expect that to continue to be the case in 2019 and beyond because we have some exciting solutions that are coming to market, and some of them we announced last week at HPE Discover in Madrid.”

If HPE gains market share in 2019 others will lose. Our best guess is that Dell EMC and NetApp are strongly positioned for 2019 and the losers will be found elsewhere.  Of course competitors could still grow revenues  and lose market share if, as expected, the storage market grows overall.