Unitrends backs up faster. Markets stronger

keyboard with recovery key
Just press the recovery button

Unitrends is touting speed and cloud retention improvements with the introduction of v10.3 software for its Recovery Series and Backup virtual appliances.

Joe Noonan, Unitrends VP of product management and marketing, declares: “The traditional data management paradigm wastes IT time on both retention policy management and moving data to lower cost archiving media, where access and recovery is unacceptably slow.”

Translation? Tape is too slow.

Noonan says the upgrade “automates long-term data management and stores data cost effectively for regulatory compliance, instant access, fast restores, ransomware protection and Recovery Assurance testing.” 

The company claims an astonishing 1,000 percent backup performance gain without supplying details. The upgrade is also said to deliver 20 per cent cost savings. So you can backup and retain more data for longer without sacrificing access or restore performance.

v10.3 doubles the performance of file level backup and replication, according to Unitrends. It says a Windows Image Level Protection feature makes protecting physical Windows servers with millions of individual files as fast and easy as virtual servers. 

The company also suggests you send data to the cloud and for long-term retention and disaster recovery. A long-term data management feature allows customers to specify retention policies for large volumes of backup jobs – and so get old and cold data to the cloud more easily.

But why do customer need to archive data to the cloud if, as Unitrends claims, users can “buy the appliance you need now without overbuying for long-term data retention [and]retain data on our backup appliances indefinitely”? 

Having marketing cake and eating it come to mind. That said, the improved performance looks good. Get a Recovery Series Backup Appliance datasheet here.