NGD adds Newport computational storage drives


NGD has announced a Newport platform for computational storage, built on the Catalina-2 product base.

The 16 flash channel ASIC-based product runs 64-bit Linux in a variety of form factors including U.2, M.2 and EDSFF (ruler) with NVMe SSDs and an NVMe 1.3 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 link to hosts. 

The software supports container virtualization and all Catalina-2 applications are supported.

NGD claims Newport allows computational storage to “cross the chasm” and enter mainstream market use cases. 

NGD CEO Nader Salessi claims: “The Newport platform further enables near-data processing for real-time analytics on large-scale data sets with improved power and density, both in watts per terabyte and terabytes per cubic inch.”

We have no information about capacity levels, pricing, on-board CPU power and customers.

The Newport platform and computational storage products will be showcased at the Flash Memory Summit, Aug 7-9, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. ®