HYCU gets a Dell boost by adopting DD Boost

HYCU has announced API-driven integration with Dell PowerProtect/Data Domain and DD Boost software to speed putting HYCU backups on PowerProtect/Data Domain target deduping appliances.

PowerProtect is Dell’s brand for its Data Domain backup appliances. DD (Data Domain) Boost is backup source system deduplication software, which part-deduplicates the data stream with the target backup appliance completing the dedupe work. This sharing of the dedupe compute burden increases backup data ingest speed.

HYCU says this Dell-HYCU deal “significantly expands the reach and applicability of our solutions to thousands of new customers globally!”

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor, HYCU founder and CEO, says in a statement: “This extraordinary release significantly improves data transfer and efficiency between the backup service and storage systems to enable Dell PowerProtect Data Domain customers to have faster backups, improved security, and reduced network  traffic.”

HYCU has been supporting physical and virtual PowerProtect appliances from its beginning, and backs up data from Dell PowerScale, ECS  Enterprise Object Storage, PowerEdge servers,  and the XCSeries to PowerProtect appliances.

David Noy, Dell’s VP of Data Protection Product Management, said: “The new HYCU integration with DD Boost software allows customers to more  efficiently protect heterogeneous on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS workloads.”

HYCU is also announcing native support for Azure Stack HCI so that it can protect and run on Dell  Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack Hub.

HYCU’s R-Cloud SaaS data protection scheme covers more than 200+ SaaS apps. It says enterprises can maintain control over their SaaS data, whether stored on-premises or with an MSP using Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage.

More HYCU-Dell updates are  on the way, and they are currently in controlled release with select partners and customers. The capabilities above will be generally available before the end of June 2024.