OptraSCAN combines pathology imaging with ‘affordable’ storage

OptraSCAN, a digital pathology solution provider headquartered in the US, has announced the availability of a combined image management and storage product to “enable and simplify the digital transformation of pathology laboratories.”   

The OptraSCAN IMAGEPath image management system is an open platform that can easily integrate with scanners from multiple manufacturers and over 20 different image formats, in addition to being compatible with external third-party AI applications for pathology.  

The combined offer includes image management and 50 GB to 100 TB of storage with multiple adoption tiers at “an extremely affordable monthly subscription fee.”

“This provides the flexibility to fit the needs of a wide range of users – from one single pathologist to large, enterprise-level solutions,” the provider said.

IMAGEPath includes a conferencing feature for real-time synchronized or asynchronous review of a case, for online collaborations, and second opinions from remote pathologists. Smart features such as case prioritization and audit trail, and the ability for users to customize the user interface to optimize lab operations and efficiency are also included.  

Abhi Gholap, OptraSCAN
Abhi Gholap

“Now that we have addressed the data acquisition challenge with our affordable digital scanners, we are looking beyond this to address the challenges of image management, storage and access,” said Abhi Gholap, OptraSCAN CEO.  

“We designed our solution to simplify image management and image storage at a very compelling price point. We can address the needs of a single researcher, with a few images to share, all the way to a large institution, where an open system provides the flexibility and interoperability they need.”

Features for pathologists, pharma partners, AI partners, and academic research centers include case management, an analytics framework, user authentication, and an audit trail.

OptraSCAN has five patents across its devices, AI analytics, and cloud streaming platforms. It has received CE-IVDR certification for general safety and performance of its scanners, and its systems are being used at more than 100 sites globally.  

Blocks & Files asked OptraSCAN for prices of the scanning and storage packages, and ballpark figures for the data costs per TB.

Arnol Rios, OptraSCAN
Arnol Rios

Arnol Rios, VP, sales at OptraSCAN, said: “We have several scanner platforms, selling for between $25,000 and $160,000, with several options and configurations within that range. The data storage pricing varies widely, with the most economical pricing for higher storage volumes of 10 TB or more.”

He said data bundles including data storage and an image management user-licenses comes with various pricing tiers. As an example, a bundle with two user licenses and 10 TB can cost $300 per month/$3,600 per year. The same bundle with 50 TB would cost $900 per month/$10,800 per year. “The savings increase as the storage volume increases,” said Rios.

The California-based firm has more than 23 distributors in the US, the UK, Denmark, Italy, Greece, France, Morocco, Russia, China, India, the UAE, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan.