Spanner in the works at Kaseya’s Spanning

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Users are experiencing problems with Kaseya’s Spanning backup services.

Spanning provides Backup-as-a-Service for applications and data running in the public cloud. It was bought by Kaseya in 2018. Kaseya is a private equity-owned portfolio business selling infrastructure management, data protection and security products to SMBs through MSPs. It includes the Datto cloud backup and security services offerings and Unitrends backup business alongside Spanning.

We have found multiple users complaining about Spanning backups not taking place. The Spanning SaaS backup service can be set to back up Google Drive each day. Spanning says it offers “automated daily and on-demand backup [and] daily notifications about the state of backups.”

In June users reported problems such as the backups only happening each week instead of daily. Our sources said responses to support call tickets indicated there were issues with Spanning’s backend system. A senior support person told one user this top priority issue was going to be fixed in a coming version of the software.

The Spanning accounting function has also reportedly been contacting users requesting invoices be paid although users have cancelled their accounts. This issue affects some Kaseya Datto users as well. Other customers claim to have suffered duplicate billing. 

The backup system sometimes loses access to data and needs to perform a re-index to regain access. In other words, users can’t access their backup data because of an internal Spanning problem.

Kaseya’s VP for corporate communications, Millie Acebal, told us: “Kaseya is working diligently to address the intermittent issue with long-running backups with Spanning Backup for Google Workspace, which we anticipate will be resolved with the next release scheduled for this month. This issue impacts certain customers in the US region only.

“Regarding the need to re-index to regain access to backup data, the support team is aware this can happen and knows how to remediate through a support ticket.  While usually a quick procedure, for some customers the re-index process can take longer. As a result, the Spanning team is also working to remediate the conditions that cause a re-index through enhanced backend infrastructure.

“We urge any customers with billing concerns to reach out to their account managers if they uncover an issue.

“We thank our customers for their patience as we work swiftly to resolve the above concerns.”