VergeIO launches IOfortify ransomware defense

VergeIO has added an IOfortify feature, claiming it provides attack detection and recovery in seconds.

Enterprise or MSP tenants of a VergeIO datacenter run VMs in software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combining compute, storage, and networking. VergeIO calls this “ultraconverged” infrastructure. The VergeOS controlling software presents these nodes to tenants and protects the VMs, meaning systems, applications, and files. Immutable clones are made, globally deduplicated and stored, then used as the basis for recovery in the event of ransomware attacks.

Greg Campbell, VergeIO
Greg Campbell

Greg Campbell, VergeIO founder and CTO, said: “100 percent of VergeIO customers who were affected by ransomware have successfully restored their entire system to a secure state within a matter of minutes. Those looking for unbeatable ransomware protection should embrace the future of fortified data integrity by building their infrastructure on VergeOS with IOfortify.” 

The IOfortify software detects attacks by monitoring the deduplication process. When ransomware encrypts files, it causes significant and detectable unique data writes due to VergeIO’s global deduplication technology. VergeIO makes no mention of machine learning being used in this detection and nor does it provide any estimated time between attack start and detection.

VergeIO ransomware protection

When IOfortify detects an attack, it issues an immediate alert giving the customer an opportunity “to act fast to prevent it and activate our rapid restoration services.” VMs issuing the file encryption IOs can be blocked. VergeIO’s software indicates which clone is the best candidate for rapid recovery with minimal data loss.

VergeIO ransomware protection

VergeIO says clones, “IOclones” in its parlance, are similar to snapshots in that they include metadata, since global inline deduplication is part of the metadata in VergeOS. It can create space-efficient clones of VMs, volumes, or entire virtual datacenters in milliseconds regardless of capacity, we’re told. They can be used to restore VMs or complete virtual datacenters.

It claims that IOfortify enables customers “to get back on track in a matter of moments” and “ensures data remains safe and ensures complete recovery of any infected virtual machines.”

IOfortify is integrated into VergeOS and is available now at no additional charge to VergeOS customers.