VergeIO adds datacenter recipe book to VergeOS

recipe book
recipe book

Datacenter virtualizer has delivered the Atria release of its VergeOS, adding Edge Edition software, edge site management, external backup support and datacenter templates called Recipes. takes hyperconverged infrastructure hardware and software and melds it into a software-defined virtual datacenter that is multi-tenanted and can be nested by MSPs and enterprises. Its technology, which it calls ultraconverged, is described in more detail here.

Verge founder and CTO Greg Campbell said in a statement: “With this release, which includes 140 enhancements, we are leveraging the power of our ultraconverged architecture to deliver scalability, functionality and agility from the Edge to Enterprise to Cloud. Atria is a great step in our quest to reduce complexity and cost in IT infrastructure.”

Atria adds an Edge Edition version of Verge software, which supports a highly available pair of nodes, 64GB per RAM per node, and unlimited storage. Verge says VergeOS can deliver excellent edge site performance from two micro-servers, like Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing) hardware. 

A SiteManager feature provides the ability to report each site’s status and enables a Verge admin to remotely operate each site from a single interface. SiteManager can support hundreds of edge and other nodes, and has a mesh design with no single point of failure. It will parse through all the sites’ reported telemetry, highlighting critical data so admins can take corrective action through the SiteManager GUI. SiteManager GUI SiteManager GUI

VergeOS includes both built-in backup and multi-datacenter replication. The Atria release enables external backup software applications like Veeam, Commvault, and others to back up the VergeIO environment so that it can fit in with customer’s existing data protection arrangements. has also added Recipes, available through a marketplace, which are templates for a particular application workload. They include all the VMs for that workload, the operating system and application software for those VMs, as well as the storage and network configurations, and can be deployed in a few clicks. Recipe Marketplace Recipe Marketplace

The initial marketplace release will have over a dozen built-in recipes; customers can clone them or create their own and, in the future, contribute them to a community-driven marketplace. This feature completes, says, its private cloud vision.

Read more about the Atria release here.