Komprise service auto tiers files to Azure blobs

Komprise has an Intelligent Tiering for Azure service in the Azure marketplace to scan on-premises NAS stores and transfer cold files to Azure blob stores, saving customers cash.

The Komprise Intelligent Data Management (KIDM) offering enables customers to scan data across all on-prem and public cloud NAS and Object storage silos and analyze, migrate, tier, archive, replicate and generally manage it through policies. Komprise launched an offering, based on its Elastic Data Migration software in KIDM, with Azure to migrate on-prem and non-Azure cloud files and S3 object stores to the Azure cloud in February last year. Targets included Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, or Azure NetApp Files. Now it has a simpler offering – just moving files from on-prem NAS and non-Azure and Azure file stores to Azure Blob buckets.

Krishna Subramanian.

Krishna Subramanian, president and COO of Komprise, issued a statement: “More than 100 enterprises are already using Komprise through the Microsoft Azure Storage Migration Program because of its simplicity and convenience. The new Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure extends this ease of use by allowing customers to use services such as Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender for Storage, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure AI with data copied or tiered from on-premises.”

That is to say, pump the files up to Azure Blob storage and then they can be accessed  by services such as Microsoft Purview and Defender for Storage, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure AI.

KIDM connects to any file storage including NetApp, Dell PowerScale, Dell Isilon, Dell Unity/VNX, Windows Server, Nutanix, Pure, Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, Qumulo and any NFS, SMB or dual-mode, mixed-mode, It identifies cold data, and based on the policies you set, it transparently tiers cold files to Azure Blob. It provides analytics on how much data you have, how fast it is growing, who is using it and how much it costs. 

Komprise Transparent Move Technology.

Users can then set policies on what data should be tiered and when and to which tier of Azure Blob. It then tiers data with Komprise’s Transparent Move Technology to the appropriate Azure tiers. 

A video describes KIDM:

Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure video.

The pricing is $0.008/GB/month based on annual Azure subscription of 250TB+. That’s an annual payment of $25,000. If the Azure subscription is for 100TB then the annual payment is $15,000, 500TB costs $50,000 and 1PB is priced at $100,000.

According to Subramanian: “Azure customers can use their existing Azure contracts and utilize their Azure Consumption Commitments through this specially priced Komprise offer in the Azure Marketplace.”

Jurgen Willis, VP Azure Specialized Workloads and Storage, said: “Every organization in the current environment is looking to do more with less while reducing cost. … Since Komprise tiers data to Microsoft Azure in native readable format and provides data workflows, customers can cut costs and leverage the full power of Azure services to address AI, big data, security and compliance use cases.”