SDXI – Smart Data Accelerator Interface. This is an SNIA standard for a memory-to-memory data mover and acceleration interface. The SNIA says it’s extensible, forward-compatible and independent of I/O interconnect technology. SDXI standardizes an interface and architecture that can be abstracted or virtualized with a capability to quiesce, suspend, and resume the architectural state of a per-address-space data mover.

The SNIA standard was published on Nov 28, 2022. As new memory technologies get adopted and memory fabrics expand the use of tiered memory, data mover acceleration and its uses will increase. An SDXI Technical Working Group (TWG) will encourage adoption and extensions to this data mover interface. How SDXI relates to CXL is not yet clear and SDXI may be rendered obsolete by CXL. Check out this SNIA webpage on SDXI for more information.