Storage news ticker – December 9

Storage news
Storage news

Data protector and manager Cohesity has announced a new head of EMEA channels: James Worrall. He was previously VP of EMEA channel at F5 Networks and EMEA channel sales lead at Juniper Networks.

DDN announced “dramatically improved performance” in the STAC-M3 Benchmark with its newly announced A3I AI400X2 appliance. The benchmark test was performed on a single DDN A3I AI400X2 all-flash NVMe appliance connected to 15 servers running the KX Systems kdb+4.0 database in distributed mode via a high-speed InfiniBand switch. DDN was able to exceed 10 of 17 baseline (Antuco) benchmark tests and 19 of 24 scaling (Kanaga) benchmarks, compared to the previous tests using two DDN AI400X appliances. It was able  to beat a test system using kdb+ 4.0 on 9x Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 servers accessing a Dell EMC PowerScale F900 All-Flash, 3-node cluster (tick analytics) and another test system using kdb+ 4.0 on WekaFS and AWS under STAC-M3 (tick analytics).

SaaS data protector Druva announced its new Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has tripled its partner numbers — but no actual numbers have been revealed. This program, announced in June, provides partners with a SaaS-based delivery model with a zero-touch onboarding experience and no infrastructure to maintain. The Druva Managed Services Center is available to MSPs in North America and EMEA.

Oceanscan, an international equipment supplier to the oil and gas, defence, petrochemical, renewables, and nuclear industries, recovered from a ransomware attack by using iland Secure Cloud DRaaS for Veeam and Secure Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect. Sukumar Panchanathan, group IT manager at Oceanscan, said: “We were in a position to recover with just the click of a button.” 

We hear file lifecycle management company Komprise is hiring like crazy.

Marvell announced it will ship its five billionth hard disk drive (HDD) controller next month. Its suite of Bravera HDD controller and preamplifier products leverage the company’s IP, including over 1,500 HDD-related patents and 18 generations of Read Channel IP.

Kubernetes storage and platform supplier Ondat announced v2.5 of its software. It can synchronise data across different datacentres to provide high availability, along with failover disaster recovery. Ondat has added faster replica synchronisation — more than two times faster with even higher speeds on high-latency networks. Another new feature is execution within kubectl making it easy for administrators to continue using their existing DevOps toolset without disruption. Also, the Kubernetes operator has been rewritten to maintain consistency with the latest changes to Kubernetes.

Quantum has updated its VS-HCI Series Acuity software, acquired from Pivot 3. V10.9 includes:

  • Orchestration Manager enhancements including automated system health assessment prior to and after an upgrade, one-click online and automated upgrades, and monitoring of upgrade status and system availability via integration with Acuity phone home capabilities.
  • 50 per cent faster drive rebuild performance with new Quick Drive Rebuild capability, which complements the previously introduced Quick Node Rebuild capability. 
  • More disk drive analytics for greater detection of potential disk drive issues that can impact system performance.
  • Additional embedded artificial intelligence (AI) that monitors and analyses disk drive performance and provides enhanced predictive drive sparing for optimum system availability and performance.
  • Support of VMware ESXi 7, including hypervisor and vCentre Server 7, along with updates to Quantum’s vCenter Server plug-in that provides management of the VS-HCI Series from the vCentre console enabling an organisation’s VMware administrators to easily manage the video surveillance infrastructure.

Qumulo has added NFS v4.1 support to its Qumulo Core software in v4.3.0. Customers will be able to delegate fine-grained permissions control to end-users. Qumulo offers cross protocol permission (XPP) support to automatically manage complex permissions across protocols. It claims this NFS v4.1 support enables the creation of the largest multi-protocol file namespace possible for active storage compared with any competing platform or any cloud service provider (CSP) offering.

Synology announced its FlashStation FS2500 product, delivering more than 170,000/82,000 4K random read/write performance, and features dual 10Gbit ports with room for 10/25Gbit expansion. The FS2500 has a 1U chassis and 12x 2.5-inch SATA bays. Its DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system provides automatic drive repair, storage deduplication, and snapshots coupled with remote backup capabilities. Synology has also announced SAT5210 — enterprise-grade SATA SSDs for Synology servers. Synology FlashStation FS2500 and SAT5210 SATA SSDs are available through Synology resellers and partners

Toshiba spread its 18TB FC-MAMR disk drive technology from its MG09 drive to an MN09 8-bay NAS drive with a 1.2 million hour MTBF rating at the 16 and 18TB levels (1 million hours for 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14TB), a 512MB cache and the same 268MiB/sec transfer rate, 6Gbit/sec SATA interface and 7,200rpm spin speed as the MG09.

Active data replicator WANdisco has won an inaugural IoT (Internet of Things) contract with a large European automotive components supplier. The contract is valued at $6 million over five years, the client committing to a minimum of $100K of revenue per month for five years. The automotive components supplier is committed to replicating a minimum of 60PB per month, with potential for expansion.

ReRAM startup Weebit Nano is on the greenwashing march. It and nanotechnology research institute CEA-Leti are analysing the environmental impact of Weebit’s ReRAM tech compared to other non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will estimate the contribution of Weebit’s NVM technology to climate change by quantifying its environmental impact. It will focus on total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the uses of mineral, fossil and water resources, energy consumption and gases/chemistry involved with the development, manufacture and operation of the technology.

One week into Q1 in its fiscal 2022 year WekaIO has pulled in an eight-figure order for its scale-out, parallel filesystem software, meaning a $10 million or more deal.