Keep ransomware at bay: Qumulo’s in-house backup, recovery and DR-as-a-Service

Scale-out filesystem supplier Qumulo is offering its own data protection and cloud-based disaster recovery facilities, saying it protects against ransomware and customers no longer need expensive secondary data centres for disaster recovery (DR).

Qumulo’s new Recover Q software is positioned as for business continuity and DR defence against ransomware.

Ben Gitenstein, VP of Product at Qumulo, said: “Recover Q provides our customers a radically simple solution to add an additional layer of strategic defence that helps mitigate attacks and provides the ability to seamlessly recover if one occurs.”

Qumulo Recover Q graphic.

Recover Q has two components: Qumulo Protect and Qumulo Secure. Qumulo Protect data protection features:

  • Erasure coding;
  • Snapshots;
  • Snapshot replication;
  • Continuous replication;
  • Failover for simple disaster recovery and failback;
  • Cloud volume snapshot to S3.

Qumulo Secure provides:

  • AES 256-bit software encryption at rest;
  • SMBv3 in-flight (over-the-wire) encryption;
  • Configure, schedule and query programmatically and securely with RESTful API over HTTPS; 
  • Secure FTP traffic on TCP networks leveraging Transport Layer Security (TLS);
  • Track user activity within the filesystem with Audit logging;
  • Designate different levels of user and group privileges leveraging Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Both are built into Qumulo’s main Core software. Recover Q snapshot replication/failover/failback facilities can be provided on-premises or as a DR-as-a-Service offering from the public cloud. With this customers replicate data and snapshots offsite, providing a near-instant failover capability in the event of a disaster.

The AWS and Google clouds are supported, with customers managing the infrastructure required, or Recover Q can work with Azure, in which case it is a fully-managed service.

Qumulo has not said that Amazon’s S3 Object Lock is supported and, in fact, it isn’t. If you want immutability in your replicated snapshots, you will have to wait.

Qumulo is running a Recover Q online seminar on October 13th to present more information and, no doubt, get leads.