Qumulo goes big on AWS Marketplace

Qumulo has increased the number of configurations for its scale-out File Data Platform on AWS Market place from seven to 27. The company says it has reduced prices by up to 70 per cent.

Barry Russell

Barry Russell, GM of cloud at Qumulo, said in a press statement: “Our new configurations in the AWS Marketplace enable customers to tackle the toughest, large-scale unstructured data challenges by creating high-performance file data lakes connected to workflows, while leveraging data intelligence services such as AI and ML from AWS.”

The AWS Marketplace lists Qumulo file storage cluster configurations in various capacity and media (HDD/SSD and SSD-only) combinations, as if they were HW/SW filers.

Seven pre-existing Qumulo configurations in the AWS Marketplace.

We checked the $/TB cost for Qumulo’s original seven AWS Marketplace configurations. Higher capacities get you lower cost/TB, but greater speed sends the cost/TB higher. Annual contracts will get you a 40 per cent or so discount.

The new configs and prices will become available on the AWS marketplace website.

The HDD+SSD cost per TB/hour for the 12TB config is $0.0341. The 96TB and 270TB configs work out at $0.01718/hour and there is a lower $0.01668/hour for 809TB. A 1TB SSD cost $0.05/hour but drops to $0.0239/hour for 103TB.

Each config comes with a CloudFormation template which specifies AWS instance types.