Catalogic copy data management adds support for HPE Nimble

Catalogic copy data management software now works with HPE Nimble storage arrays. This has been a long time coming – Catalogic said this was a roadmap objective in 2016.

Copy data management (CDM) is away of automating data copies, typically of databases and virtual machines, for test and development, compliance and replication, with copy deletion when required to prevent copy data sprawl.

Catalogic’s ECX software builds a central catalogue of data items and uses a storage array’s snapshot, replication and cloning feature as the basis for its copy data management activities.

Sathya Sakaran

Sathya Sankaran, COO of Catalogic Software, has provided an announcement quote: “Catalogic ECX will extend [Nimble Storage] simplicity to the full application stack providing app-aware storage snapshots, replication, and instant cloning of VMs and Databases.”

The company says ECX Nimble support makes restores faster, database cloning easier and self-service copy data provisioning possible in hybrid cloud environments.

Catalogic’s ECX Nimble copy automation

Catalogic uses a storage controller-based licensing system with no limitations on data size or the number of database instances.

The Nimble update for Catalogic ECX is generally available on July 31 and will support the full line of Nimble Storage all flash systems. Near term roadmap features include support for asynchronous replication and HPE Cloud Volumes.

Catalogic also provides DPX endpoint and server backup and recovery software, and, through a partnership, ProLion, a set of tools for NetApp file users. It started out as the Syncsort data protection business which underwent a private equity and management buyout in 2013. Since then the company has expanded its remit beyond copy data management into the data protection market.

Competitors include three VC-backed startups: Actifio, Cohesity and Delphix. Actifio has raised $311.5m, Cohesity has raised $660m and Delphix has raised $124m. They far outgun Catalogic, which raised $8m in debt financing in 2015, in spending power for product engineering and sales and marketing.