Cohesity pumps out ransomware alerts 24×7 via Helios smartphone app

Cohesity has developed a smartphone app for its Helios management software, to better enable admin staff to respond to external threats in real time.

Cohesity smartphone Helios alert

For instance, the manager of a Cohesity infrastructure can now receive ransomware alerts 24×7 on their Apple or Android phone. They respond to the alert by logging in to Helios via a web browser to manage their Cohesity installation.

The manager could initiate system changes, stage a recovery or get to the workload where an anomaly had been spotted faster than simply relying on regular checks, Cohesity claims.

Vineet Abraham, Cohesity SVP of products and engineering, said in a statement: “Cybercriminals don’t just work during office hours and having a way to monitor the health of your data clusters from a mobile device 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receive notifications  that could uncover a ransomware attack in action, could save your organisation millions of dollars and keep brand reputations intact.” 

Data change rates

Using Cohesity software, an organisation can converge all its secondary data into a single storage vault covering on-premises and public cloud environments. Data is backed up and protected with immutable snapshots, and the public cloud can be used as a file tier and to store backup data.

Helios can detect a ransomware attack by tracking data change rates and recognising any larger than normal daily change rates. Such a change could be the result of ransomware data encryption activity, general malware or people maliciously trying to modify data in the production IT environment. 

Helios also matches data stored and storage utilisation against historic patterns as well as data change rates.

This data state tracking uses machine learning models. Helios send alerts to the Cohesity manager’s phone and also to the customer’s IT security facility so that any attack activity can be stopped and systems disinfected. 

Cohesity’s Helios mobile app also provides:

  • Support case status tracking across a customer’s entire Cohesity estate
  • Cohesity installation health
  • Protection status of virtual machines, databases, and applications
  • Storage utilisation and performance for backup, recovery, file services and object storage.

Cohesity last week announced the completion of a $250m capital raise which valued the company at $2.5bn.