Backblaze 7.0

Forest fire
Forest fire

Backblaze today launched BlackBlaze Cloud Backup 7.0. It offers the ability to keep updated, changed and deleted files in its cloud-stored backups forever.

Backblaze is a cloud backup and storage service for businesses and consumers. It has 800PB under management, integrates with Veeam, and pitches itself as being cheaper than the public cloud giants.

For example, its B2 Cloud Storage costs $0.005/GB/month compared to Amazon S3’s $0.021/GB/month, Azure’a $0.018/GB/month and Google Cloud’s $0.020/GB/month.

At time of writing, the company quotes Carbonite at $288/year for 100GB of cloud backup, Crashplan Small business at $120/year for unlimited data, iDrive at $99.50/year for 250GB and Backblaze Cloud Backup at $60/year for unlimited data.

BackBlaze 7.0 extends the recover-from-delete/update function from the default 30 days to one year for $2/month or forever for $4/month plus $0.005/GB/month for versions modified on a customer’s computer more than 1 year ago.

Customers see a version history that extends back in time for 12 months or as long as they have been a Backblaze customer.

BackBlaze 7 also uploads files better. The maximum packet size has increased from 30MB to 100MB, which enables the app to transmit data more efficiently by better leveraging threading. This smooths upload performance, reduces sensitivity to latency, and leads to smaller data structures. It puts a smaller load on the source system.

Customers can sign into Backblaze using Office 365 credentials with single sign-on support. MacOS Catalina is also supported.