VxRail gets a new dimension – VMware Cloud

Dell Technologies World Dell Technologies Cloud – the much signalled Project Dimension that puts VMware Cloud on on-premises kit, has landed at Dell Technologies World.

Dell EMC’s VxRail hyperconverged system is the hardware base.

Dell today also announced VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, a fully-managed data centre-as-a-service offering. In other words this is Dell Technologies Cloud (DTC) with a public cloud delivery model.

We could think of Dell Technologies Cloud as the equivalent of Azure Stack HCI and Amazon’s AWS Outposts.

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman of products and operations at Dell Technologies, says: “Cloud is not a destination; it’s an operating model.” 

Nutanix is also heading towards this single hybrid cloud environment concept, albeit with a multi-cloud angle.

More of the same

Hybrid cloud should be easier when public and private components are similar. The idea here is that VMware Cloud offers consistent infrastructure and operations for IT resources, across public and private clouds and edge locations. Virtual machines and data can move bi-directionally between the private and VMware Cloud-supported public clouds.

Customers one development and deployment environment and one contract negotiation throat to choke.

According to Dell, when used as an operational hub for hybrid cloud environments, Dell Technologies Cloud can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 47 per cent compared to native public cloud. The company presents its calculations via a sponsored IDC White Paper, Benefits of the Consistent Hybrid Cloud: A Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of the Dell Technologies Cloud,” published this month.

Dell Technologies Cloud includes services covering security, data protection and lifecycle management.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is Dell Technologies’ VMware infrastructure installed in your local data centre on VxRail HCI kit, and consumed as a cloud service. VMware fully manages the service.

Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms are available globally now, while Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service, delivered as VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with VxRail, is available in beta deployments with limited customer availability planned for the second half of 2019.