Hello, Nebulon! 3Par amigos unveil their cloud storage start-up

Four 3PAR alumni led by David Scott have set up Nebulon, a cloud-defined storage company.

Scott was the CEO of 3PAR when it was sold for $2.4bn in 2010 to HP, now HPE. He ran the HPE storage business before retiring in February, 2015 to take sundry board-level positions.

Four guys from 3PAR want to do it again.

His co-founders are Siamak Nazari, Sean Etaati and Craig Nunes. Nazari is an ex-HPE Fellow, 3PAR principal engineer and Sun senior staff engineer. Etaati was a distinguished technologist and 3PAR chief hardware architect, resigning from HPE in October 2017. 

Craig Nunes was VP for product and worldwide marketing at 3PAR and then veep for global marketing and alliances at HPE. He jumped ship to Datera where he was the chief marketing officer, and then again to Datrium where he was marketing VP.

Nebulon has announced itself on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It does not have a website and no funding information is available.

The company is headquartered in Los Altos in Silicon Valley, with offices in Fremont and on the Peninsula. It says early employees include senior execs from Google, DeepLearning.ai, Stanford University, Datrium and HPE-3PAR.

We know little about its technology, except that it focuses on primary storage in a hybrid IT world. And of course it says it is a “cloud-defined storage” company, a term that is new to us.

A different kind of transformation

Wikipedia says Nebulon can refer to a fictional planet in the Transformers universe, or fictional characters in the Marvell universe or from Homestar Runner.