Data Mesh

Data Mesh – A data mesh is a way of using a data lakehouse and data lake. When initiated, these two concepts typically have a centralized data team handling the questions from management and line of business (LOB) owners that need analysis routines run in the lakehouse or warehouse, as well as maintaining the warehouse/lakehouse. As the analysis workload rises, this central team can become a bottleneck, preventing timely analytic routine creation. They don’t understand LOB constraints and preferences, adding more delay.

If the LOB, domain-specific people can write their own queries, bypassing the central team, then their query routines get written and run faster. This distribution of query production to LOB teams, which operate on a decentralized self-service basis, is the essence of the data mesh approach. They design and operate their own data pipelines using the data warehouse and lakehouse as a data infrastructure platform.

The data mesh approach is supported by suppliers such as Oracle and SnowflakeTeradata, and others.