HYCU becomes your data protection Protégé

HYCU has announced general availability of its data protection-as-a-service offering called Protégé.

The data protection vendor revealed this as a project last month.

Simon Taylor, CEO, said: “It’s now become essential to provide a data management solution that complements the cloud of choice while simplifying key processes like data migration and disaster recovery.”

Protégé fully supports Google Cloud Platform with Azure and AWS coming.
It provides app- and database-aware data protection, data mobility and disaster recovery. The service feature DR across across clouds; recovery of applications on a different cloud for test and dev; and lift and shift applications from on-premises to and, soon, between clouds.

The latter is said to be a 1-click operation, incorporating the automated migration of application components. The recovery of applications across clouds is defined as the delivery of consistent application copies from one cloud to another. This is also a single-click affair and migration can be on-demand or performed in a staged way.

Users access these facilities through a self-service portal. They can ensure service level objective compliance across several clouds through this portal.

Taylor told an IT Press Tour Silicon Valley briefing this week that Protégé’s cloud coverage will significantly expand in January. SaaS applications such SalesForce are also a natural focus.

Taylor said HYCU is expanding globally and Japan is a major focus in 2020. He said the company achieved 300 per cent revenue growth in 2019 and anticipates a similar revenue uplift in 2020 and HYCU becoming “very profitable”.

HYCU Protégé is available from any HYCU partner and ships at no cost with any licence of HYCU Data Protection. Data migration is available at $99 per VM and disaster recovery at $24 per VM per month.