WANdisco signs game-changer deal. Won’t say who big cloud partner is

WANdisco has signed a joint development deal with a cloud service provider to build an embedded data migration and replication service.

Wandisco’s Fusion software replicates live data to the public cloud. The UK company is working with the CSP to build fully managed cloud service with full cloud portal integration allowing a single click deployment.

Neither WANdisco nor the CSP are revealing the CSP’s identity. However, WANdisco said the deal is of strategic importance to the company and as such is insider knowledge. It has made the deal public to comply with EU regulations.

The new service will form part of the CSP’s cloud platform ecosystem, and enable live data replication in use-cases such as big data cloud migration, hybrid cloud and multi-region data consistency.

Customers will be able to seamlessly migrate data from on-premise big data stores into the CSP’s cloud without worrying about procuring or managing infrastructure.

WANdisco has Fusion OEM sales deals with Dell and IBM, and reselling partnership deals, including Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud, HPE, Microsoft Azure and Oracle.

That immediately suggests that this joint-development deal could involve Amazon, Azure or the Google Cloud Platform. Any one of these would be a strategic partner with a potential WANdisco revenue boost in prospect.

The CSP involved gets a replication-based on-ramp from an enterprise’s data centres to its own cloud, making it easier for data to migrate to its cloud.