DASE – Disaggregated Shared Everything – the system architecture devised and used by VAST Data. This employs a Universal Storage filesystem with a DASE (Disaggregated Shared Everything) datastore which is a byte-granular, thin-provisioned, sharded, and has an infinitely-scalable global namespace.

It involves the compute nodes being responsible for so-called element stores. These element stores use V-tree metadata structures, 7-layers deep with each layer 512 times larger than the one above it. This V-tree structure is capable of supporting 100 trillion objects. The data structures are self-describing with regard to lock and snaps states and directories. 

There is a consistent hash in each compute node which tells that compute node which V-tree to use to locate a data object. The 7-layer depth means V-trees are broad and shallow. V-trees are shared-everything and there is no need for cross-talk between the compute nodes.