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Cisco clambers onto containers with two Kubernetes acqui-hires

Cisco is beefing up its Kubernetes capability with an acqui-hire, its second in recent weeks. The networking giant said yesterday it is acquiring most...

Red Hat shifts automated data pipeline into OpenShift

Red Hat today released OpenShift Container Storage 4.5 to deliver Kubernetes services for cloud-native applications via an automated data pipeline.  Mike Piech
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Iguazio emits storage-integrated parallelised, real-time AI/machine learning workflows

Workflow-integrated storage supplier Iguazio has received $24m in C-round funding and announced its Data Science Platform. This is deeply integrated into AI and machine learning processes, and...

Google Cloud serverless function object access is four times faster than AWS

AWS S3 is four times slower than Google Cloud Services when serverless functions access object storage. So says LightStep Research in a report seen...

Iguazio builds Google-like Outpost for IoT retail edge

Unlike Amazon's Outpost and Azure Stack,  Google has no public cloud on-premises presence. Iguazio says it can provide one for Google customers. The Israeli...