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Storage news ticker – July 4

Data protector Acronis has released its Mid-Year Cyberthreats Report, From Innovation to Risk: Managing the Implications of AI-driven Cyberattacks. It found that there were 809 publicly mentioned ransomware cases...

Disruptive innovation? Storage has heard of it

Analysis Every startup has a holy grail shimmering in front of it: the idea of being a disruptive innovator, upsetting the status quo and becoming a new product class,...

Storage races to innovate in face of data explosion

The whole area of IT storage is buzzing with innovation, as startups and incumbents race to provide the capacity needed in a world exploding with unstructured data. Chatbot technology,...

New moves in AFA driven by QLC flash

A new chapter is opening in the all-flash storage array (AFA) world as QLC flash enables closer cost comparisons with hybrid flash/disk and disk drive arrays and filers. There are...

3D DRAM could be revolutionary – if it works

We have become so used to 3D NAND that we forget how revolutionary it was back in 2013. The idea that you could radically increase the density of a...

CECT tops SPC-1 for price with Optane SSDs

SPC-1, the performance benchmark dominated by Chinese suppliers, has claimed a new price/performance champion – CECT using 240 Optane SSDs. The Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 benchmark measures storage array business-critical...

Weebit Nano raises $40M to break ReRAM resistance

Startup Weebit Nano has raised $40 million to boost sales of its ReRAM non-volatile memory. We call it a startup although it IPO’d on the Australian stock exchange in 2016...

ULTRARAM: potential new storage-class memory from the UK

Researchers at the UK’s Lancaster University say they have devised a new ULTRARAM non-volatile memory combining DRAM speed and flash endurance. A spinout company is being setup to try...

HPE GreenLake taps VAST Data for file storage

HPE has added block and file storage services to its GreenLake subscription program, based on new Alletra Storage MP hardware, with the file service itself based on VAST Data...

Qumulo plans all-in-one available-anywhere file services

Qumulo wants to make its file services available anywhere in a customer's IT environment - that means on-premises, public cloud and from any business location, via clusters that are...
Ceres darta enclosure in front of Ceres dwarf planet

VAST Data rolling out biggest ever software release

Single QLC flash tier storage upstart VAST Data is making a song and dance about its biggest software release ever, saying it will aid VAST's larger data platform agenda. A...

Intel leak appears to show last Optane PMem

Details of the "last Optane Persistent Memory" have been shared by Twitter poster HXL who revealed what they claim (and what looks very much like) an Intel slide. Optane Persistent...