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Seven Pillars of IBM Storage wisdom

You would think IBM was a storage chemist; there are that many IBM Storage Solutions floating around. And now we have three more with another four point...

Enterprise Storage in 2019: Keep those industry predictions rolling

Updated on January 21, 2019 with more predictions from Pure Storage, IBM and Maxta following the addition of Archive 360, Arcserve, NetApp and StorPool predictions earlier in January.

Datera gets helpful halfway OEM hug from HPE

HPE this week added Datera, a software-defined and scale-out storage supplier, to its HPE Complete program. Hang on, HPE already works with Hedvig,...

Happy Hedvig gets helping hand from HPE

Profile: Hedvig sells multi-protocol, scale-out, software-defined storage and says it is getting a strong helping hand from HPE to seed its technology in big companies.

Unlucky for some: Chris Mellor’s 13 predictions for storage tech in 2019

Here are my personal predictions for IT this year and how they will affect enterprise storage. Multi-cloud adoption will (a) encourage enterprises to adopt...

SoftIron, a proprietary ARM hardware company, loves open source Ceph

Interview SoftIron is developing and building its proprietary ARM-powered HyperDrive storage hardware while strongly promoting Ceph open source storage software.  It seems an unusual combination....

Your occasional storage digest. It’s a Rap

Storage can be fast, storage can be slow. The disks can be vast  and tapes a no-no. Storage is easy, storage is hard, It leave you scarred,...

Datera goes Churchward

Startup Datera has a new CEO - exec chairman Guy Churchward who joined the board just four months ago. Guy Churchward

Self-driving cars! The Quantum of some solace for ailing tape vendor

CEO Jamie Lerner is taking Quantum into vertical markets with a front and central focus on StorNext, its scale out filesystem manager. The first example is a...

Chris Mellor’s Rough Guide to the Storage Planet

The storage industry can be bewildering, with so many hardware and software technologies and overlapping products. How to make sense of it all?