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DDN completes clean SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark sweep

DDN has submitted a winning VDA workload benchmark in the SPEC SFS 2014 performance suite. The SPEC SFS2014 benchmark tests filer performance. Earlier this...

Egnyte thinks global with $75m injection from Goldman Sachs

Egnyte has secured $75m in a new funding round - five years after its last round and 18 months after its CEO said he didn’t need more...

Show me the money! SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark is not fit for purpose

Opinion: The SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark shows which system vendor are fastest at a set of file system performance tasks, but there are no price/performance numbers. This...

Superfast filer WekaIO recruits filer tech guru

Andy Watson has left Minio, an object storage software company where he was one of three CTOs, to take up the same role at WekaIO. His new...

Three cloud storage gateway startups are running neck and neck

Three cloud storage gateway startups are running neck and neck with near-equivalent funding and no sign of a breakaway by either CTERA,  Nasuni or Panzura.

Nasuni reduces price fears from archival storage tiers

Nasuni’s latest Cloud File Services (CFS) update takes care of tiering primary NAS files to secondary/archival storage in the cloud by presenting a single file namespace resource...

Quantum teams up with Excelero for StorNext speed bump

Quantum is near-doubling StorNext speed by using Excelero’s NVMESH to provide faster data access than it can deliver on its own.

Qumulo debuts machine learning-driven caching for faster data access

Improvements in Qumulo’s QF2 software means its products run faster -  20 per cent quicker than Dell EMC Isilon boxes, by one measure.

Cock of the X86 systems walk, Dell is killing it

Dell has cemented its position as the world's biggest IT hardware vendor, chalking up significant gains in market share for Q2 and growing revenues 18 per cent on...

Zadara gets ze funding for ze growth

Zadara, the virtual private storage array startup, has pulled in $25 million in a C-round of funding, to take its total raised past $60 million.