Container Storage

IBM reboots storage portfolio

IBM reckons its customers face three pressing data challenges and is realigning its storage product portfolio to measure up to them. Update. SVC and Storage Virtualize note added at end...
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VAST Data rolling out biggest ever software release

Single QLC flash tier storage upstart VAST Data is making a song and dance about its biggest software release ever, saying it will aid VAST's larger data platform agenda. A...

Spectrum no more: IBM drops brand name for storage products

IBM Storage is becoming a brand, with Big Blue dropping the Spectrum prefix for its storage products.The Spectrum prefix washed over IBM’s storage software products in 2015 when it...

Storage news roundup – February 22

Microsoft’s Azure cloud has announced a preview of Azure HPC Cache Premium Read-Write designed to provide high-bandwidth and low-latency access to files similar to local NVMe storage. It provides lower...

Storage news collection – 17 February

… Data protector Commvault has released its latest platform, PR 2023. This is one of Commvault’s long-term support releases with a support lifetime of up to three years. They are...

Pulumi promises order for DevOps chaos

Pulumi is a startup that has created a multi-language automated Infrastructure-as-Code method of deploying cloud-native apps on any cloud. It claims its open-source Infrastructure as Code SDK is an easy...

Rakuten Symphony makes distributed stateful cloud-native 5G edge play

Japan’s Rakuten Symphony business unit is setting up automated and containerized 5G edge deployments, using acquired technology to do what HCI edge suppliers do with virtualized server systems. Update:...

Fourteen K8S backup vendors duke it out on GigaOm’s Radar

GigaOm's Kubernetes data protection Radar report shows three startups – Kasten, Portworx and Trilio, plus Commvault – ahead of ten other suppliers GigaOm has evaluated 14 suppliers, ignoring their market...
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NetApp wages ONTAP war on Dell and Pure

NetApp is presenting itself as the leading storage innovator compared to Dell and Pure Storage, with charts showing them lagging behind on 22 out of 25 innovations. It's put forward...

Velero headache for Kasten, Portworx, Trilio

Velero is a startup open source project that thinks it could replace the container data protection technology of Veeam's Kasten business unit, Pure's Portworx, and also Trilio. Update: Kopia information...

Sysdig’s open-source Falco draws on AIOps, data security to fight ransomware

Analysis: Falco, the open-source threat detection engine used by Sysdig, has extensibilty to AIOps and data security and could help combine them for better ransomware threat detection. Sysdig is a...

NetApp discontinues Astra Data Store

NetApp has discontinued the Astra Data Store product, which provided Kubernetes persistent storage for the NetApp Blue XP data management layer, leaving ONTAP as sole provider. Astra Data Store, launched...