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Peer Software’s multi-master on-prem, cloud and & cross-cloud replication

Jimmy Tam is Peer Software’s CEO and reckons Peer’s multi-master replication is something that cloud file data services gateways can’t match. Tam talked about this in a briefing call and...

NetApp, Google preview retrieval-augmented generation AI toolkit

NetApp-hosted data can be used in RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) operations for Google’s Vertex AI platform in a previewed toolkit reference architecture. NetApp’s ONTAP software is provided as a first-party...
Samsung office

Samsung to offer SSDs on subscription

Samsung has published a blog discussing customers renting its petabyte-scale SSD (PBSSD) architecture products through a MinIO partnership. It's not that Samsung actually has a petabyte-capacity SSD – more that...

CXL a no-go for AI training

Analysis. Computer Express Link (CXL) technology has been pushed into the backseat by the Nvidia GTC AI circus, yet Nvidia's GPUs are costly and limited in supply. Increasing their...

Developing AI workloads is complex. Deciding where to run them might be easier

SPONSORED FEATURE: If artificial intelligence (AI) has been sending shockwaves through the technology world in recent years, the onset of generative AI over the last 18 months has been...
Close up of the Nvidia logo on a GPU card

Nebulon, blink twice if Nvidia really has absorbed you

There are some strange goings on at startup Nebulon. For much of Tuesday, February 13, its website redirected to a page on Nvidia's dotcom. And before the weekend, Nebulon...

StorageX wants to end storage and compute separation… but for AI

Profile: Little-known Chinese startup StorageX has developed a Lake Ti computational storage processor it says enables compute to move to the data, allowing for fast processing of big data...

Microsoft advances toward glass-based archival storage

Project Silica, a Microsoft plan to store multiple layers of archival data inside slabs of quartz glass, is getting closer to becoming a product, as a 16-page document explains. Microsoft's...

Nebulon unveils compact DPU for edge servers

Nebulon has developed a Data Processing Unit (DPU) specifically for edge servers, enabling their CPUs to fully focus on running applications. A couple of weeks after launching its Medusa2 DPU...

Accelerating High-Bandwidth Memory to light speed

Accelerated processors like GPUs could get faster memory access by using light-based data transfer and by directly mounting High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) on a processor die. HBM came into...

Hammerspace hammering out AI ref architecture

Data orchestrator Hammerspace has produced an AI reference architecture (RA) and is testing its GPUDirect compliance. Hammerspace provides a global parallel filesystem enabling data in globally distributed and disparate sites...
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Storage news ticker – November 15

Aerospike released v7.0 of its real-time, multi-model database with a new unified storage format and other in-memory database enhancements. The unified storage format provides the flexibility to choose the...