Your Easter enterprise storage getaway

We have picked out four themes for you in our Easter enterprise storage roundup: flash arrays are taking over from disk...

Rising All-Flash Array tide fails to lift Pure, IBM and HPE boats

The all-flash array storage market is growing strong and Dell and NetApp are the winners. It is far too soon to pick...

Dell adds StorMagic virtual SAN to reseller roster

Dell is to resell SvSAN, the virtual SAN and edge computing appliance software made by the UK company StorMagic.

Nutanix Karbon copies Kubernetes

Nutanix has built a simplified Kubernetes distribution - called Karbon - for its cloud-native stack. The company said...

ChaosSearch makes AWS S3 data searchable

Freshly-minted startup ChaosSearch has devised a way to analyse, index and search log data in the S3 part of Amazon's cloud.

IBM storage hardware revenues fall for third quarter in a row

IBM’s storage hardware business fell in the first quarter, with poor DS8000 sales and weak mid-range performance to blame.

Sony PlayStation 5 jump cuts to SSD for faster gaming

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation gaming console will use a solid-state drive for faster game loading and play. The current...

Zerto melds backup and disaster recovery for time-saving loveliness

Zerto has released Zerto 7.0, an update of its eponymous software that converges backup and disaster recovery using hypervisor-based replication and journalling...

Quobyte plugs in to Google’s TensorFlow

HPC file system supplier Quobyte has added a plug-in for TensorFlow that by-passes the Linux kernel to speed machine learning.

Infinidat poaches Gartner analyst

Stanley Zaffos, the Gartner research VP, has left the analyst firm to take charge of Infinibox product marketing at Infinidat.