A walk in the file storage park with WekaIO

    Chris Mellor talks storage with WekaIO’s CEO and CTO

    WekaIO says it has the fastest file system on the planet, faster even than block access.

    We talk to its CEO and Founder, Liran Zvibel, and CTO Andy Watson about its technology.

    We ask them what the basic problem is that WekaIO believes it solves better than any other supplier.

    • Why do we need another parallel file system?
    • How does WekaIO’s technology compare and contrast with the scale-out, high-bandwidth approaches from Elastifile, Panasas, Qumulo, Spectrum Scale and others?
    • Doesn’t NVMe-oF give block IO an unassailable lead against file IO?

    Hear how WekaIO justifies its claims and suggest file storage could take over from block access.

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