Nasuni unveils brand refresh amid rapid growth

Nasuni is undergoing a website redesign, including brand messaging, visuals, and a logo refresh, driven by a fluid data concept.

Cloud file services and collaboration supplier Nasuni, which hired Asim Zaheer as its CMO in October last year, reckons the brand’s new look and feel highlights an industry shift from rigid, hardware-based NAS solutions to more fluid, software-defined storage orchestrations in the hybrid cloud era. 

Asim Zaheer, Nasuni
Asim Zaheer

Zaheer said: “A brand identity is so much more than logos and colors – it’s the foundation of everything that represents a company and embodies its key values. Nasuni’s rebrand reflects a modern identity for a modern product, keeping pace with the company’s technological innovation. Additionally, this initiative encompasses the insights provided from our customers, industry experts, and top analyst firms.”

Nasuni, which is privately-owned and does not file quarterly numbers, says it has experienced rapid growth, surpassing the $100 million ARR milestone in January., now having gone past $130 million. It claims to have seen significant growth in data under management with the big three cloud providers: a 63 percent year-over-year increase in data held in Microsoft Azure; 37 percent for AWS; and 270 percent in Google Cloud. Nasuni then managed more than 170 petabytes of data inside the top three CSPs.

Velocity Partners CEO Stan Woods, who collaborated with Nasuni on the new branding, said: “A clear, compelling brand runs circles around a weak, unfocused brand every day of every week. Nasuni has combined a terrific brand story with its already strong tech advantage.”

Nasuni rebrand

We’re told that the high-impact, fluid design, featuring a splash of liquid, represents data that should flow freely and be securely available anywhere and anytime. The green in the fluid element is a nod to Nasuni’s legacy color palette. The hexagon serves as a visual metaphor for the strength, efficiency, and services Nasuni offers, providing a solid boundary for the ever-evolving “fluid” data.

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