Infinidat upgrades to hybrid cloud storage

High-end array supplier Infinidat says it is now a hybrid on-premises and public cloud storage supplier with strengthened cyber-resilience and new deep scanning and indexing detection features.

Update. AWS implementation details added. 26 May 2023.

Infinidat provides high-end primary block and file storage arrays competing with Dell’s PowerMax and similar class storage gear from Hitachi Vantara, HPE, IBM and NetApp. Infinidat’s selling points for its hybrid and all-flash InfiniBox arrays is based on its unique memory caching, active-active-active architecture, a 100 percent availability guarantee, and strong data and cyber-protection features. Now it has ported the InfuzeOS to the AWS cloud to support disaster recovery, business continuity, backup, test/dev ops, app integration, and proof-of-concept work plus burst storage and storage tiering.

Eric Herzog, Infinidat
Eric Herzog

CMO Eric Herzog said: “With Infinidat’s operating system now in the public cloud, we can provide a consistent core-to-cloud experience through our full support for hybrid cloud deployments.

“Simultaneously, we’re addressing concerns about cyberattacks by adding cyber storage detection … with the introduction of InfiniSafe Cyber Detection.”

InfuzeOS uses EC2 and EBS instances in AWS. Herzog told us: “We use an EC2 instance for the compute portion and the storage that it connects to is AWS EBS.  A recommended EC2 instance gets deployed and then attaches to EBS that is provisioned to the EC2 instance for storage capacity. InfuzeOS Cloud Edition then provisions storage from EBS that is connected to the EC2 instance.”

Customers can deploy a full version of InfuzeOS residing in their AWS environment in a single node InfiniBox configuration. That is in contrast to three-controller architecture of InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA. That means performance and availability is limited to SLAs derived from AWS and not the same as an on-premises Infinidat system

We understand other cloud environments will follow on from AWS. On-premises InfiniBox systems see a public cloud InfuzeO Cloud Edition instance as if it is just another InfiniBox platform.

The move gives Infinidat a stronger public cloud presence in the block and file space, and follows closely behind Dell’s cloud file and block storage news. Dell’s PowerMax does not have a cloud presence, though.

Infinidat also supplies InfiniGuard data protection arrays, and has InfiniSafe software technology, protecting snapshots that can be used with InfiniBox and InfiniGuard. This InfiniSafe technology now includes added detection features to find and intercept malware attacks faster. It scans and indexes immutable snapshots of all files, applications, core storage infrastructure (such as volumes), and databases for signs of cyber threats, helping to ensure the integrity of all the data in the system.

Cyber Detection uses machine learning models. Over 200 points of determination are included, using content-based analytics that inspect inside files for subtle signs of attack. A post-attack dashboard, with forensic reports, details the last known good copy of the data for rapid recovery. Infinidat claims a 99.5 percent confidence level in detecting cyber threats, which helps dealing with false positive/negatives and reduces the effort in any additional forensics work.

Get an InfuzeOS datasheet here. InfuzeOS Cloud Edition is available from the end of May and directly through the AWS Marketplace later in 2023. InfiniSafe Cyber Detection will ship in 2H 2023 and works on the InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA platforms.