3.4 times more Oracle MySQL transactions with Pliops’ SSD array controller

Host-based SSD controller array startup Pliops says it has boosted Oracle MySQL transactions/sec 3.4 times with its XDP product offloading server CPUs.

Update: Pliops question answers added in Bootnote. March 23, 2023.

Pliops’ eXtreme Data processor (XDP) is a PCIe-connected storage controller card that implements a key:value storage-based controller for a group of SSDs, offloading low-level storage functions from a host x86 processor. Its XDP-Rocks software accelerates key-value based applications such as MySQL, MyRocks, Redis, KV-Rocks, TiDB, Kafka, Spark and others.

Pliops SVP Marius Tudor said: “As is so often the case in today’s economic environment, MySQL users are challenged to do more with less. … Pliops and Oracle are providing customers with value that they would not otherwise see without spending more money on new on-prem infrastructure,” meaning more or bigger servers. 

Pliops chart. Oracle MySQL Community Edition – base TPS measure at c3,300. Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition with Pliops XDP – 3.4x more TPS to c11.220

Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition is its commercial product based on MySQL Community Edition, with added security, encryption, auditing, high-availability, scalability extensions, online backup, monitoring, management, visual database design and SQL development tools, along with Oracle Premier support.

The Pliops people say that adding XDP to the Oracle MySQL mix also provides up to 2x more users and 2x more instances per node with a 50 percent reduction in latency, as well as the transactions/sec boost. On top of that, an XDP-boosted MySQL system can support an up to 6x increase in usable database capacity. 

All-in-all, the added XDP reduces the overall cost of the MySQL installation by enabling it to support more and faster transactions at a lower cost/TB and lower cost/transaction, we’re told.

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We asked Pliops some questions about this test and the answers came in;

B&F: This looks a simple boost – but I note that the SW environment changed. The ‘before Pliops booster’ SW was Oracle MySQL Community Edition and the ‘with Pliops boost’ SW was Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition. Why the software change?

Pliops: This exercise was focusing on the Oracle MySQL edition, highlighting how “top-level Enterprise Support” with XDP Performance/Density boost will make DB operators’ lives easier.

B&F: Would Plops XDP use boost Oracle MySQL Community Edition TPS 3.4x as well?

Pliops: Correct.

B&F: Did Pliops test this?  If not, why not?

Pliops: We have done both permutations.

B&F: A second topic: Pilops is not providing actual TPS numbers. From a chart in a Pliops Oracle MySQL Solution Brief Document they look like 3,300 with MySQL Communuity Edition and 11,220 with MySQL Enterprise Edition + Pliops XDP. Could you confirm or correct the numbers please?

Pliops: Yes they were measured numbers from Sysbench TPCC runs.