Storage news ticker – January 5

Storage analyst Steve Duplessie
Steve Duplessie

The co-founding analyst at ESG, Steve Duplessie, has retired, becoming a professional golfer at the Ibis Golf and Country Club in Palm Beach, Florida. He has been a fixture in the storage analytics space for more than two decades since starting up the Enterprise Strategy Group in January 1999. He was previously an EMC sales rep before starting Invincible Technologies Corp in 1993 to sell storage and allied hardware and software. ESG became a prominent if not the leading storage analysis and research consultancy producing highly respected validation reports for supplier’s products, and becoming a strategic advisor to leading storage suppliers. ESG was bought by TechTarget a year ago. 

Folio Photonics is demonstrating its Folio optical disk technology at CES 2023. Folio disks are multi-layered and can hold between 500GB and 1TB of data with 4 to 8 layers.  Theoretically it can be developed to 2TB to 4TB per disk using 32 layers, with multi-disk cartridges holding even more data. The premise is to have tape-class storage density with optical disk random access speed.

HPE is selling its HPC Holdings interest in H3C Technologies to China’s Unisplendour, via its Hong Kong-based Unisplendour International Technology subsidiary, according to a December 30 SEC 8K filing. HPE and its Izar Holding Co subsidiary own 49 percent of  H3C, which has the exclusive right to sell HPE products in China. H3C was formed by HPE and Tsinghua Holdings subsidiary Unisplendour in 2015 to enable HPE to sell products in China. This deal could net HPE between $3.5 billion and $4.0 billion and could be used for stock buybacks and/or acquisitions. The actual amount will be based on the price per share of 15 times the last year’s post-tax profit of H3C (measured as of the period ending April 30, 2022) divided by the total number of H3C shares outstanding. HPE should reveal the price at the end of the month.

Stephen Bates, storage exec for Huawei
Stephen Bates

Huawei has appointed Stephen Bates, formerly CTO at computational storage supplier Eideticom, as its Technical VP and Chief Architect Emerging Storage Systems. He will lead a Canadian team researching all aspects of emerging storage systems from media (NAND, QLC, PLC, PM and other memory tech) through protocols and standards (NVMe, CXL, UCIe etc.) to system software (OSes, file systems, hypervisors and containers) and applications (databases, analytics, AI etc.).

SSD controller supplier Phison is demonstrating the company’s latest PS5026-E26 PCIe Gen 5 SSD at CES 2023. Its Gen 5 X Series SSD controller doubles the bandwidth and improves latency by 30 percent compared to its PCIe gen 4 predecessor, surpassing 14GBps sequential and 3.2 million IOPS random performance. It is also previewing its latest Gen5 X Series SSD enterprise controllers, which can provide twice the performance per watt in comparison to the previous X1 generation. It’s also showing its PS7201 Retimer and PX7101 Redriver supporting Gen 5 PCIe.

Phison SSD storage

App development and infrastructure software supplier Progress plans to buy MarkLogic, which supplies a unified multi-model NoSQL data platform encompassing data and semantic metadata. The price is expected to be $355 million and should complete in the next few months. When closed, the acquisition is expected to add more than $100 million in revenue and strong cash flows to Progress.

Seagate is partnering with OSNEXUS to sell Lyve Cloud hosted storage (Exos Corvault) operated by OSNEXUS’s QuantaStor scale-up/scale-out unified file, block and object storage software. Lyve Cloud is a managed storage service using Exos Corvault and Exos AP 2U24 chassis for flash storage and compute disk drive enclosures in Equinix colo centers. It also provides Zadara-based services. Seagate has already partnered with MinIO for object storage software for Lyve Cloud and Hammerspace for its Global Data Environment. Download a solution brief here.

…., which supplies virtual datacenters, says it is hiring a first-rate, well known, experienced industry veteran as its CMO next week.

Live data replicator WANdisco has joined the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) organization, which wants to build an open, standardized cloud-native architecture for automotive innovation and design. WANdisco will support the development of software that enables an array of automotive applications in software-defined vehicles (SDV). SOAFEE includes enterprise companies from across the automotive, semiconductor and cloud industries, and is governed by AWS, Bosch and Arm, among others.