Komprise speeds SMB data migration to cloud 

Komprise is claiming to give SMB small file uploads to the cloud an up to 25x speed boost with its Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration SaaS.

Its Elastic Data Migration (EDM) product reduces the number of networking handshakes with NFS file transfers and is particularly effective with small files where the data payloads are moved quickly and the handshakes take up a disproportionate amount of the overall data set movement time. Now Komprise has worked the same handshake reduction magic on SMB file transfers.

Kumar Goswami, Komprise
Kumar Goswami

Co-founder and CEO Kumar Goswam said: “With Komprise Hypertransfer you get measurably faster SMB cloud data migrations – shaving weeks off migration timelines while minimizing the chance for errors or data loss. Komprise Hypertransfer makes cloud migrations feasible.”

The company notes that Microsoft SMB (Server Message Block) user data transfers, electronic design automation (EDA) and other multimedia workloads often contain lots of small files. It says the SMB protocol requires many back-and-forth admin handshakes that increase overall network session time. Microsoft has reduced the chattiness of SMB over time from its introduction with SMB 1.0 in 1990. SMB 2.0 in 2006 saw the command and sub-command total being lowered from over 100 to 19. SMB 3.0 in 2012 reduced chattiness and accelerated transfer speed even more by adding the SMB Direct Protocol, which used remote direct memory access, and SMB Multichannel, meaning a session could use multiple TCP/IP connections.

SMB diagram
Microsoft SMB session authentication diagram

Komprise says its Hypertransfer technology uses dedicated data channels, mitigating the SMB protocol issues, and so is comparable to SMB Multichannel. Its own testing showed that Hypertransfer improves data transfer rates across the WAN by 25x over other alternatives for SMB datasets with predominantly small files. The other alternatives would include Rsync, the basic Linux file copying tool.

A comparison with Rsync was the basis for Komprise’s claim that its Elastic Data Migration (EDM) product improved NFS small file transfer time by up to 27x compared to alternatives. Now, two years later, we have an up to 25x SMB small file transfer speed boost presented in the same way.

Hypertransfer, Komprise says, also strengthens security and ransomware defenses since data transfers from source to target pass over private channels.

The EDM offering is available as a separate service or as part of Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management offering. The Hypertransfer EDM release gives Komprise admins flexible migration configuration settings to handle read-only sources and sources with access-time tracking disabled. Users can also enable and disable data integrity checks to either ensure data accuracy or improve migration performance further.